Creation Encounters  was founded to create opportunities using God's Creation and specifically his Creatures to bring others to a better understanding of our Creator and in turn be able to accept a God of love and compassion that wants to be part of each and everyone's life. 

These opportunities include:
Outreach programs for specific need areas such as but not limited to:  Special needs,  low income,  foster,  orphan homes, outreach ministries  etc.

On Site work programs to strengthen character through everyday farm responsible and opportunities

Other opportunities include but not limited to:
Animal Therapy,  animal education,  animal training, and work sessions/therapy.

If you know of someone that would benefit from this program,  you may email us.   An application will be on line soon.   Creation Encounters hopes to provide some  low cost programming in the future.   Right now programs can only be done as finances, time and resources allow.  We believe this program will grow and our prayer is that Creation Encounters will be able to sustain full time  programing, animal therapy and much more.. changing lives for Christ and making a difference in our World.   Both the zoological aspect and farming aspect of Creation Encounters will be used long term to create programs to not only reveal our amazing Creator but to equip youth, children and adults with training and tools to use in their daily lives through getting up close and personal,  getting down dirty and working hard  with God's Amazing Creatures
Creation Encounters
Creation Encounters is a sister company  of Wildlife Wonders - Zoo To You.

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