Creation Encounters Overnight Teen Camp

We are going to be getting down and dirty in this unique animal adventure. We will be learning all about God’s creation through camp songs, daily interaction with animals and other adventures.


Spend 4 days interacting with the animals God created and therefore growing closer to Him. Not only do you participate in daily Vespers, a sunset evening prayer service, but also have opportunities in servant leadership and camp devotions.

Your camp staff is dedicated to providing a wholesome camp experience. The campers grow spiritually, cognitively, physically and socially.

North Georgia Zoo - 2022-09-06-08-13-00-000-7iox4.jpeg
North Georgia Zoo - 2022-09-06-08-13-00-000-7iov3.jpeg

2023 Dates TBD

Drop off: Wednesday evening between 5-6pm
Pick up: Saturday at 5p

Camper Cost: $350
This includes Camper Ready Bag

Add on:
Pictures $50
(Photos only taken during animal meet & greets)

Ages 12-16, because of the limited age range, the campers get a unique opportunity to grow together and form lifelong friends. Exceptions can be made for campers a year younger or older than the age range.

Tech-Free Camp!

Roughing it with the animals, a chance to spend time in nature away from the distraction of technology. This includes possibly camping in tents, to direct interaction with the animals.

North Georgia Zoo - 2022-07-28-12-59-28-234-7asp0 (1).jpg