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5K Safari Fun Run

Have we got a wild and wonderful event coming up for you! Join us for a one-of-a-kind family-friendly run/walk through the NOGAwild Safari park. You will get to run/walk by 100s of animals, such as: antelope, penguins, camel, zebra, kangaroos, and more! 

Upcoming Races

February 10, 2024

Proceeds benefit NOGAwild animal care through the winter

October 12, 2024

Proceeds benefit Creation Encounters Programming

About the NOGAWILD Safari Fun-Run/Walk & Challenge Course!

As you set off on the course, you'll be immersed in the sights and sounds of the animal kingdom. From camels and zebras to kangaroos and wolves, you'll be running by 100s of animals that call this park home.

Our Safari Run is not just for hardcore runners. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a casual walker, this event is designed for everyone. Choose the wave that suits you best(more below) - be it a challenging race or a leisurely stroll. It's all about having fun! View the video below for a preview of the Safari Run course.

But here's the best part - you'll be running for a cause! Proceeds from our Winter Safari Runs will go to help care for the animals of NOGAWILD during the winter. Proceeds from our Fall Safari Runs benefit Creation Encounters and provide animal programs and therapy to children, teens, adults, and families in need. These include at risk, in recovery, low income, special needs, grief support, and more. 

​Participants will receive a handmade pottery medallion. Safari Run t-shirts are available to pre-order at the sign-up link below. 

Come prepared to walk/run on an all-terrain course(mixture of gravel & dirt). ​

Sponsors- See Below

Want to volunteer? Contact us!

Safari Run Wave Options

There are 4 available waves to choose from for this Winter Safari Run.

1) 8:00am Challenge Course Competition Wave (3.6 miles)- Includes Safari and Wildlife Park route plus woods & hills. There will also be 8-12 special challenges(more below) that must be completed to place. Competition Wave runners will be competing to win some amazing animal print art! This option is best for those who want to unleash their competitive spirit. $45

2) 8:30am Challenge Course Non-Competitive Wave (3.6 miles) - Includes Safari and Wildlife Park route plus woods & hills, and optional challenges. This option is best for those who want to take on the Challenge Course in a more fun and relaxed manner. $40

3) 9:00am Safari Run/Walk All About the Animals Course (2.8 miles)- 2 laps. This course follows Wildlife Park pathways and the Safari Drive-Thru road (gravel, asphalt, and mulch) $35

4) 9:30am Kids/Family Fun Run (1 mile) - 1 to 2 laps around the Safari Park. $20

There will also be a Virtual Option for those who cannot join us in person but would still like to exercise and help support the animals! 

The Challenge courses will include, but not limited to, these challenges for extra fun:
◦ Feed bag carry
◦ Sneaky Lunges across the bridge
◦ Spider web crawl
◦ Tunnel like a groundhog (through a tunnel)
◦ Tire pull
◦ Penguin waddle (carry nesting material between your calves without dropping 
◦ Zookeeper problems (choose 5 items from the start line and carry them all at one time without dropping.  Items such as hose, carrier, water bucket, egg
◦ It’s all backward! (run backwards to mark)
◦ Balance beam cross

We cannot wait to see everyone for the Safari Run! Don't forget to RSVP by emailing ​if you would like to take part in the Challenge Course competition.

More about the Safari Run course

  1.       The Safari Run course goes through the Wildlife Park, Petting Farm, Safari Park, and surrounding woods.
    2.      This is a  all terrain which means there is gravel  and uneven terrain including trail creeks and woods.
    3.      The woods can be bypassed if you so choose. You may add another loop around the safari park instead.
    4.    Their will be 2 small water Crossings that we will have pavers/ boards in place to help cross but can also be jumped over.
    5.     The total course is about 3 miles and includes 2 loops at safari so you will get to see lots of animals!      
    6.    Their is one water station which you will pass around mile 1 and 2ish              

Safari Run Sponsorship

Help support the animals and Creation Encounters by sponsoring a race!

Sponsorship Levels & Benefits:

$1000 Presenter level

  • Large logo on race t-shirts, presenting sponsor info on all race emails and race website, recognition at race and on social media as a presenting sponsor including optional table display during Safari Run

  • 4 free race tickets and t-shirts

$500 level

  • logo on t-shirt, sponsor info on Safari Run email and social media. Optional table display available during Safari Run. 

  • 4 free race tickets and t-shirts

$150 level

  • logo on t-shirt, listed as sponsor on Safari Run email and social media

  • 2 free race tickets and t-shirts

$100 level

  • logo on t-shirt, listed as sponsor on Safari Run email and social media

  • 1 free race ticket and t-shirt

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