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About us

Our mission is to Connect People With Jesus on the Canvas of Creation


Our vision is to Provide Experiences that Lead to:

               -Redeemed Lives

               -Restored Hope

               -Renewed Faith

               -Receiving God's Joy

North Georgia Zoo - 2022-07-29-11-42-42-831-7b2b9.jpg


Our strategy for fulfilling our mission and vision is to provide experiences such as:

  • Children's and Youth Camps

  • Hosting Retreats, Meetings, Conferences (Marriage; Grief Recovery; Divorce Recovery; etc...)

  • Animal "Therapy"

  • Hosting underprivileged kids; Make a Wish; Bringing Animals to Children's Hospitals; Animals to Nursing Homes; etc...

If you focus your life on God you will be rewarded in the long run


God created everything, and He deserves to be praised for it.


I learned to respect all of God’s creation.


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