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About us

Our mission is to Connect People With Jesus on the Canvas of His Creation

We are Animal Educators with a passion for people and a love for Christ


Our vision is to Provide Experiences that Lead to:

               -Redeemed Lives

               -Restored Hope

               -Renewed Faith

               -Receiving God's Joy

North Georgia Zoo - 2022-07-29-11-42-42-831-7b2b9.jpg


Our strategy for fulfilling our mission and vision is to provide experiences such as:

  • Children's and Youth Camps

  • Hosting Retreats, Meetings, Conferences (Marriage; Grief Recovery; Divorce Recovery; etc...)

  • Animal "Therapy"-interactions, training, learning husbandry, etc.

  • Hosting underprivileged kids or low-income families; Make a Wish; Bringing Animals to Children's Hospitals; Animals to Nursing Homes; etc...

A little more about our mission

Creation Encounters was founded to create opportunities using God's Creation, specifically His Creatures, to bring others to a better understanding of our Creator and in turn be able to accept a God of love and compassion that wants to be part of each and everyone's life.


If you focus your life on God you will be rewarded in the long run

Kaiden - Teen Camp 2022

God created everything, and He deserves to be praised for it.

Sophia - Teen Camp 2022

I learned to respect all of God’s creation.

Gloriella - Teen Camp 2022

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