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Candis Buffington

In Loving Memory


August 2, 1982-
           April 27, 2023

Candis had a huge heart and her love for children and youth showed in her every day life as a teacher.

Honoring Candis

I have been asked by people wanting to do something to show how much they care so I have asked a wonderful charity that I know and believe in to let me post their information for donations honoring Candis.


Creation Encounters founded by Hope Easter Malenke Bennett is a wonderful organization that helps kids at risk from all kinds of backgrounds. Candis loved being a teacher and adored her kids and I feel that she would like knowing kids are being helped even after she is gone. Thank you for showing your love for Candis Buffington in this way.

-Terry Buffington (via Facebook)




40th birthday Celebration

A happy moment with Candis Buffington and I during her 40th birthday trip last year. We didn’t know it at the time but it was her last birthday. I’m so glad we got to spend time together. Rest in peace my one and only.

-Terry Buffington (via Facebook)

ROTC in high school


She enjoyed fantasy and anime

Candis with Mercury, She loved the pugs

She loved her students


The family wishes for Creation Encounters to receive donations in memory of Candis. 


We are honored to receive such a gracious gift!

Our mission is to connect people to Jesus on the canvas of His creation. We strive to acheive this through our vision to provide experiences, specifically with His creatures, that lead to redeemed lives, restored hope, renewed fatih, and recieveing God's joy. 
All contributions will go towards reaching our mission by provding financial support for our programing. 

We hope this opportunity allows a way for you to uniquely connect to Candis, as she adored her kids she taught and kids will continue to be reached through your gift.

Thank you for taking the time to remember and honor Candis!

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