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Creation Encounters
Day Camp

  June 13-15, 2023

We are going to be getting a unique look into God’s handiwork. We will be learning all about God’s creation through daily interaction with the animals and the zookeepers. Join us for this unique Christ-Centerd experience!

Program Highlights

 • Animal Education: Learn about animals from all around the world and how they are created to fit in their environment.

• Animal Feeding: Learn about the diets of many different animals and how to prepare and actually feed many of the animals.

• Animal Enrichment. Participate in creating fun toys for the animals to play with and enjoy watching some of those interactions.

• Pictures: Campers will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with many different animals

• Activities are customized according to age. Included are: enrichment crafts, petting farm time, visits to parakeet landing, bible references and much more!


  • LENGTH: 9am- 12pm                                      3 day camp                               (1 day drop-ins welcome)

  • AGES: 6-11 years (rising 1st -rising 6th graders)

  • CAMPER COST: $70 a day

  • CAMPER READY BAG: $40 Includes tote bag, t-shirt, water bottle, snack, sunscreen, insect repellent and North Georgia Wildlife Park wristband (Good for 1 free small feed cup at every return visit)

  • Camp Lunch: There will be no lunch provided. You may bring or purchase snacks for during craft time only.

  • Pictures: $50 (Photos taken during animal meet & greets)

*Payment is processed through our partner site and will show up as 

Wildlife Wonders on your bank statement.


Our camp staff is dedicated to providing an amazing, wholesome, safe, and unforgettable camp experience with the opportunity to grow spiritually, cognitively, physically and socially.

Day camp Peek
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