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Teen Camp FAQ

What camp looks like:

The goal of Teen Camp is to provide a Christ-centered hands-on learning experience through animal encounters and age-appropriate Bible Study. There will be plenty of hands-on experiences with many species of animals and devotion time each day. Campers will grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually!

What to Expect

Drop Off/Pick Up:

Drop off is at 3 pm on Tuesday and Pick up is at 11am on Friday. Both will be at the Safari Gift Shop (follow the signs upon arrival). The park address is 2912 Paradise Valley Rd. Cleveland, GA 30528.


What to bring: You will need a sleeping bag & pillow as well as 2 towels (one for bathing and one for swimming) and other toiletries (Toothpaste & brush , deodorant, etc.) Everyone should bring clothes for the days they are here (Including jeans or long pants for everyday with the animals), shorts, bathing suit & 2 pair of old tennis shoes and/ or mud boots, sandals, extra clothing in case they get dirty. Bug spray, sun block, pens/ pencils, notebook or journal, water bottle, Bible & flashlight. 

What's included: Camper Ready Bag (t shirt, wrist band, bug repellent band, sunscreen), Meals & Snacks for the duration of the Camp. A Fun, animal and spirit filled experience!

Where will my child be sleeping?

Campers will be sleeping in designated buildings/cabin; males in one building, females in another; each will have a counselor staying with them.


Will meals be provided?

Three meals per day will be provided. (Minus breakfast/lunch on Tuesday and Lunch/dinner on Friday). There will be snacks available in between meals. It is not necessary to pack food unless your teen has a favorite snack he/she desires to bring.


Camp Dress Code:

Please no excessively short –shorts, bare belly tops, visible underwear or boxers as outerwear. One piece bathing suits only. Tank tops allowed but must have two finger width straps, no spaghetti straps. Shoes/Sandals must be worn at all times, tennis shoes must be worn when on compound the with animals. The clothes you wear at camp might get lost and will definitely get dirty. This is a Christian camp-think modesty. At anytime the counselors reserve the right to ask the camper to change clothes if they are considered inappropriate.


Does my camper need money?

Money is not necessary, but the gift shop will be open each day. Campers will have opportunity to purchase keepsakes or specific snacks/candies periodically and at the end of camp. *There will be plenty of snacks available not needing purchased though. 



No cellphones or smart devices are to be brought to camp by a camper. We understand that sometimes students have special needs that give cause for having a device (i.e., medical reasons like diabetes), but we ask that you will make us aware ahead of time if this is the case. (Note: “Needing to listen to music or watch Netflix” to fall asleep are not valid reasons to bring a cellphone or smart device to camp.) Our camp has always existed as a safe place for people of all ages to “get away” or “unplug” from the distractions of everyday, normal life, but the connectivity that accompanies the constant use of cellphones, internet, and smart devices does not allow for that separation to happen.

We are so excited to see what God does at our camp when we truly allow ourselves to separate from the distractions caused by constant connectivity. Parents are welcome to call the camp or the head counselor at any time to check in on their campers. Contact phone numbers will be given to each parent at drop off. We will be posting pictures and/or videos of camp throughout the stay on instagram/facebook so you can see some of the action online.

Please understand that by signing up for camp, you are agreeing to these terms and that if you choose to make your camper bring a cellphone or smart device, or if your camper brings a cellphone or smart device on his/her own volition, that upon its discovery it will immediately be confiscated, locked in the office, and will not be returned until check-out on the last day of camp.We will not be responsible for lost or damaged cellphones or smart devices.

Let us know if you have other questions!

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